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Eszter Szekeres takes over the operation of MET Central Europe Hungary


met-12133-crop-v4-final.jpgEszter Szekeres takes over the leadership of MET Central Europe Hungary from Gergely Szabó and will hold the role of CEO of MET Hungary. Gergely Szabó as Regional Chairman will be responsible for the operation of MET Central Europe Sales.

We are delighted to announce the following organizational changes within the MET Central Europe Sales Division. It is a new division of MET Group, established in the beginning of 2024, incorporating the operation of the former MET Central Europe and MET Gas and Energy Marketing. MET Central Europe Sales is responsible for MET Group's end-user sales, wholesale and energy efficiency activities in Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

In his new role, Gergely Szabó will be the Regional Chairman of MET Central Europe Sales and will be responsible for the strategic and business management of the expanding regional team operating on the Central Europe Sales markets.

MET Central Europe Hungary, which integrates the organizational units of MET Hungary Ltd. and E2 Hungary Ltd. is taken over by Eszter Szekeres, who will hold the role of CEO of MET Hungary Ltd. as well.

Eszter Szekeres joined MET Group 16 years ago. She gained considerable business and leadership experience in Swiss headquarters, working on major Group-level origination projects and in Central European wholesale business operations, proving her professional excellence in the business activities and deep commitment towards her colleagues. The first female CEO in the history of MET Group inspires a progressive way of business thinking in the energy markets.

The key business lines of MET Central Europe Hungary will operate as follows:

Márton Szépfy, Executive Director of Sales will remain responsible for leading the Sales activities of the Hungarian operations and he will be in charge of renewing the overall customer experience strategy. He will also take over as CEO of E2 Hungary Ltd., the flagship company in the sales business on the Hungarian energy market.

Éva Pillár has been appointed the Executive Director of Power Wholesale and will coordinate Croatian, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovakian and Ukrainian power wholesale activities while aiming to create and implement a new power strategy focusing on further business development opportunities.

Zombor Smaraglay has been appointed the Executive Director of Gas Wholesale, responsible for leading the integrated gas wholesale organization and activities of the Hungarian operations. In his new position he will continue to coordinate the Croatian, Serbian, Slovakian and Ukrainian gas wholesale operations of MET Central Europe Sales.

Recent organizational changes of MET Central Europe Sales division aim to reshape the cooperation and service strategy. MET Central Europe Sales is committed to ensuring a seamless transition and is confident that these organizational updates will further strengthen long-term cooperation with our partners, providing high-level client support, as well as innovative product and service solutions.

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