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Data Privacy


You are requested to study the following in detail:


E2 Hungary Zrt. devotes special attention to data privacy of its Customers.  E2 Hungary will manage personal data that it learns while using the website in compliance with the provisions of the effective regulations on the protection of personal data and publicity of the data of public interest.

In case you disclose any of your personal data to E2 Hungary Zrt. voluntarily, with that you give your consent to that E2 Hungary will record and manage such data for the purpose and during the period as it is required by the nature of the transaction.


It is not necessary to make personal data available for the purpose of accessing information displayed on the website.  However, certain personal data (e.g. name, address) are required to access certain services (e.g. for submitting application for jobs).


In any case when E2 Hungary Zrt. intends to use the data disclosed to the company for any purpose other than the initial, intended purpose of recording the data, E2 will notify the affected counterpart and obtain its advance consent, and will make possible the withdrawal of such consent any time in the future.

E2 Hungary shall not transfer to third party any personal data managed by E2 without the consent of the affected counterpart - apart from the cases when it is required by effective legislation.

E2 Hungary may use the data provided by the Customers for the following purposes, without limitation:

  • market research, market analysis
  • analysing customer behaviours
  • compiling statistics on visits
  • organizing free sweepstakes and other games
  • providing information about new products, services, various campaigns
  • managing customer orders and customer complaints that may occur.

E2 Hungary Ltd. will manage any information related to the personal data of its Customers, partners, their business relationship existing with E2 Hungary as confidential business information.  The obligation of confidential management of information can be released exclusively by the owner of such information.


Our Company applies extensive measures of technical and operational security to prevent unauthorized usage of the personal data managed by E2.  We review our security policies from time to time on regular basis, and upgrade them in line with the technical development.


We wish to call your attention that by using the website of E2 Hungary you may access the websites of other enterprises and organisations.  E2 Hungary does not assume liability for the contents of such websites nor for their reliability.  Before browsing such pages you are recommended to learn the policy of data management of the organization operating the website.



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