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About Our Company

E2 Hungary started its business operation on1 January 2016as a joint venture comprising MOL, the 40% owner of the Company - who plays a decisive role in the regional trading of natural gas and electricity - , MET Holding AG and Magyar Telekom.

E2 Hungary is a dynamic and innovative young enterprise which is also featured by openness toward genuine solutions.  With its 115 qualified employees - who obtained experiences both in the Hungarian and in the international energy markets - the Company also boasts with traditional excellence of reliability, security, professionalism in servicing our customers and also in provision of services.

E2- as a reliable and experience partner offers one-stop shop supply of natural gas and electricity to its customers from multiple fields of business.  Our services are extensively used by a broad scale of businesses, including e.g.

  • Machine industry and vehicles
  • Agriculture and food industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Plastics industry
  • IT services
  • Training and education
  • Health care
  • Public utility services

where large national and even worldwide companies of these industries are among our Customers, likewise the well-known local or regional small and medium businesses.



We consider our business customers as partners with whom we want to develop long term business relations and a fair cooperation mutually advantageous to both Parties.

We make our best efforts to support daily business operations of our partners, release them from the burden of buying energy required to the operation, and aim to develop a trouble free - or even pleasant - cooperation with them.

Dedicated account managers are assigned to our Partners who can resort to the account managers with any problem that might arise during the operation.  We have no call centers with complicated menus and unnecessary waiting time Our partner managers respond quickly and efficiently to the questions, and solve the problems that might occur.


E2’s objective is to promote the business success of its Partners who will rely on the outstanding and special expertise of E2, on the one hand, and provide established background that allows the E2 Partners to purchase high quality products at good price for value, on the other hand.  E2 is familiar with the markets of its customers therefore it is able to offer competitive products and services designed to meet the demands and serve the interest of the counterparts.


E2 strives to develop long-term cooperation with is counterparts, which is based on lasting trust and constantly improving confidence between parties.

Our brand is committed to traditional business values - honesty, creditworthiness, responsibility and develops its business reputation along these assets.

Diversification of the E2 procurements is the token of safe supply and predictability, by which the Company is able to ensure that accessing the energy supply will be a low-risk deal for its counterparts.


E2 makes express efforts towards utilization of renewable energy, supports its customers in increasing the ratio of green energy consumption within their energy mix.  We assist our customers through the innovations in improvement of their environmental conscious operation - which also serves as a means of distinction - and obtain the required certificates.




Headquarters: 1117 Budapest, Dombóvári út 26.
Court of Registration: Court of registration of the Municipal Court of Budapest
Trade Registry number: 01-10-048540
Tax number: 25343502-2-44

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